2018-02-06 13:32 #0 by: Niklas

The makters of Shoulderpod has launched a new website dedicated to mobile journalism.

”A Mobile Journalist or MOJO is a freelance or staff reporter that normally uses portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or laptops for gathering, shooting, live broadcasting, editing or sharing news. News can be sent to the newsroom or can be shared directly on social media by the Mojo.”

They list six reasons why mobile journalism may be for you:

  1. It’s easy.

  2. It’s fast.

  3. You can go unnoticed.

  4. You can get closer.

  5. It breaks down barriers.

  6. It’s cheaper.

If you are thinking of becoming av mobile journalist, this is the equipment they recommend you to get:

  • Smartphone.

  • Tripod.

  • Microphone(s).

  • Video light.

  • Power bank.

  • Video rig.

  • Cables & connectors.

  • Backpack or messenger bag.

  • Apps.

  • Training & practice.

All about mobile journalism

Photo by Shoulderpod