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Depending on what and how you photograph some equipment can help you take better photos.


A good grip is useful for several things.

  • It makes it easier to hold the phone while you shoot without a tripod or stand.
  • It has a threaded mount for tripods and other equipment.
  • It makes it easy to mount a wrist strap or lanyard.

Other good features of a grip is that it is quick to mount on your phone, that it can be used with any phone, as you will probably upgrade in the future. It should also be able to withstand all types of weather, from heat to cold and rain and dust.


Photo by Manfrotto

A tripod helps you eliminate blurry shots due to camera shake. Like when you are shooting in low light and have to use long exposures or for still life and architecture when you want the sharpest photos you can get. It also helps when you want to feature yourself in the photo and don't have an assistant. If you choose a Gorillapod type of tripod it can be mounted to chairs, cars, bicycles and many other useful places.


Photo by Moment

You can use your legs to mimic a zoom, but sometimes that isn’t enough. When you have backed up against a wall and still can’t fit enough of the room into the camera view, a wide angle lens is a welcome help. Or when you are shooting animals and can’t get close enough without scaring them off, a tele photo lens gets you closer. Macro lenses are perfect when you want to capture very small things at short distances.

What lenses you need, if any, depends on what and where you shoot.

Strap or lanyard

Photo by Moment

This may sound like an unnecessary piece of equipment, but they are cheap and lets you lean out of windows, bridges and vehicles without having to worry about dropping your precious phone. Whether you choose a neck strap or wrist strap is up to you. Go for whatever you are most comfortable with.

Cover photo by Shoulderpod